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there are lots of winter activities in traverse city michigan

Head To The North Shore Inn This Winter!

We all need a vacation, everyone seems to be busier and busier these days. You owe it to yourself to getaway. Vacationers are less stressed, healthier, and happier. The information below is meant to inform and inspire you during your stay at the North Shore Inn in Traverse City, Michigan.

Skiing, ice skating, snowshoeing, or simply visiting downtown for one of the many community events conducted throughout the season are all options for your winter holiday. The North Shore Inn will make you feel like you’re on vacation.

Just north of Traverse City, at Bowers Harbor Vineyards, you can combine dog sledding with wine tasting. It’s not professional sledding, but it’s a chance to enjoy an unforgettable experience. If you bring the kids, you won’t be able to tell who is having more fun, the kids or the dogs. The dogs enjoy sledding so much that they have their own unique summer sled with wheels.

Snowshoeing Anyone

The real attractiveness to Traverse City is the outdoors with its abundance of lovely trails, easily accessed by snowshoeing in the winter months. Snowshoes compared to skis are super easy to use and make walking in the snow very comfortable. Even if you are not an avid hiker there are several short trails that have the most beautiful sights and plenty of places for a family competition with snowball fights.

Snowmobiles are a must to rent during your vacation because there are over 200 miles of trails around the region to explore. The territory has prime terrain blanketed with precious white snow, perfect for riding a snowmobile through its thick green cedars and pines. A blend of thrilling adventures during the day and on your return, you can enjoy a nice steak and a relaxing time in a hot tub. In fact, one of the great things about the city is that there are several things to do so you don’t have to be stuck with the family if you don’t want to.

man speeding on a snowmobile

Skiing and snowboarding are just part of the lifestyle of any snow community and that is no different in Traverse City. You can find slopes for any skill level from expert to beginner and that includes someone who has never attempted to ski before. Whether you decide to go skiing or snowboarding there are several spots where you can rent everything you need to tackle the snowy hills. Some areas even offer more than 50 slopes to choose from so you don’t have to worry about long lines.

Ice Skating

Even if your notion of a vacation involves sightseeing, there are plenty of alternative options, many of which are free. Traverse City has two outdoor ice skating rinks that are open when the weather permits. They are free to use. If it gets too chilly outside, both rinks feature warming houses where you can stay warm. Indoor ice skating rinks allow you to hire ice skates and do other things like skate. Visit shipwrecks, lighthouses, and historic sites used by generations of Native Americans, missionaries, lumberjacks, and fishermen. There are faint remnants of the past everywhere.

During the winter, the city hosts many activities. Maybe you or your family should go. You can do a light parade. You can also have a cocoa crawl, decorate a tree, have ladies and men’s nights, or make chili. Many small enterprises have restaurants, art galleries, theaters, and opera houses. There are several restaurants in the region, ranging from elegant seaside restaurants to taco carts on the street. It has a lot of taverns, pubs, and microbreweries.

Coffee Shops

Early risers can receive their energy boosts at cafés and coffee shops before the day begins. Many brewers offer 4 oz test beers for non-beer drinkers to choose the ideal drink for them. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to cook at home for yourself or your family. A farmers market downtown sells locally grown produce, baked products, and plants. No, there is something for everyone in the family and visitors.

The North Shore Inn is a condo-hotel on Grand Traverse Bay, so everything you need is nearby. There is also a fitness facility with a gym and a workout area, an outdoor heated pool, and self-service laundry. With one or two bedrooms that sleep up to five people, each apartment has its own fully equipped kitchen. You will have fun all year. The earlier you book, the better. And you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. So relax and let go. In reality, Traverse City is a winter wonderland.