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In this case, what is a condotel? Because they aren’t a hotel or a timeshare, they aren’t the same thing. These buildings, made up of individually owned condominiums, run like a hotel. They are different types of vacation homes that don’t require a lot of work and are exclusively rented out when you’re not using them.

Looks Like a Hotel

Many times, to the outside world, a condotel looks like any other hotel that is out there. A front desk and housekeeping are both there. Some even have continental breakfasts, served first thing in the morning. There are times when condotel units have more amenities than a hotel, like kitchens, private balconies, or a beach.

High Standards

A condotel’s management company always checks out renters who live there before they’re added to the rental pool. In fact, the look of a condominium that is put into an apartment rental pool can vary based on how strict the rules are. In one unit, the walls may be bright and modern, but in another, the wallpaper may be different in every room. This is because there are two different types of units.

Individually-Owned Units

When it comes to condotels, each unit’s owned by a different person. Some people might think they’re the same thing as a timeshare, but they are very different. With a timeshare, you pay for a certain amount of time to use the unit you want. However, if you buy a condotel unit, you own the unit every single day of the year.

Prime Locations

If you own or rent a condotel unit, you can get access to a great location without having to pay as much as you would for a private home. In northern Michigan, this means that you’re either staying in a downtown area or on the water.