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Health & Wellness Near the North Shore Inn

getting a message is part of the health and wellness promotion at the north shore inn

Take Advantage of Traverse City Health & Wellness Options Near the North Shore Inn!

The North Shore Inn is among the most family-friendly lodging options for those who visit Traverse City. At this condotel, tourists will have the opportunity to stay at one of the most comfortable establishments in the local area. At the North Shore Inn, visitors will be able to take advantage of a lot of amenities in the area such as restaurants, fitness clubs, yoga and pilates classes, spa and massage facilities. With these amenities nearby as well as reasonable rates, the North Shore Inn is one place where you can get the most out of your travel experience when visiting Traverse City.


One of the best things about The North Shore Inn is its spacious rooms. This establishment has rooms that provide a bathroom, full kitchen beds, and a large area around the furniture to provide an ideal place to unwind during your trip. These rooms also offer WiFi internet access and cable television.

Offsite Fitness Club

At the North Shore Inn, you can also take advantage of fitness options at a local club. The fitness club offers exercise bikes, weights, and machines to help keep you in shape while you visit Traverse City. With the fitness club, you can also get some other accommodations such as instruction as well as classes that can help enhance your exercise regimen.

Personal Training

the offsite fitness club has personal training for those that want it

Whenever you use the fitness club we’ve aligned ourselves with, personal training is one of the available options that you can take advantage of. A personal trainer will provide you with instruction and guidance while you exercise. With a personal trainer, you can get tips on how to enhance your workouts as well as assistance in finding the best way to attain your current and future fitness goals. They do of course charge for this but access to the offsite fitness club is complimentary.

Yoga and Pilates

As well as getting assistance from a personal trainer, you can also attend yoga and pilates classes. These classes can help you improve your flexibility, relieve stress, and also get to know some of the locals. Taking these classes can help provide you with a more well-rounded exercise program as well.

Spa and Massage

getting a massage is a great health and wellness activity while staying at the north shore inn

If you are looking to relax and get the most out of your downtime, taking advantage of spa and massage services may be a good idea. With a trip to a spa for massage services, you will be able to relieve pain, relax your muscles and also recuperate from your workouts. Using the local spas and getting a massage can help provide you with a luxurious experience when staying at the North Shore Inn.


When visiting the North Shore Inn, one of your concerns may be the rates. However, this hotel and resort offer some of the most reasonable rates available in the area, especially in the offseason. With these rates, you will be able to get a pool and private beach at a lower price compared to other hotels and resorts. As a result, you can stay at an extremely family-friendly establishment without having to spend too much on lodging.


Visiting Traverse City offers tourists many activities. In Traverse City, you can check out events that pertain to the outdoors, food industry, and the arts and culture. These activities are suited for a variety of different people who choose to visit Traverse City.

Traverse City Boat & Outdoor Show

One of the main activities that you can experience during the summer when visiting Traverse City is the boat and outdoor show. When attending this event, visitors are able to check out the designs of all of the boats as well as learn about how they can be used. Visitors can also ride in one of the boats and experience what it’s like to use them on lakes and rivers.

Up North Lake & Cottage Show

Another activity that tourists can check out is the Up North Lake & Cottage Show. This event allows visitors to check out small homes and get a glimpse of the exterior and interior of some of the city’s finest homes.

Traverse City Women’s Expo

The women’s expo allows female visitors to participate in a number of activities that are quite popular. They will be able to meet with fellow female visitors to talk about their experiences at Traverse City. Tourists will also have the opportunity to learn more about social issues, fashion, and famous females from the area.

Chocolate Festival

traverse city has a chocolate festical guests at the north shore inn can attend

At the Chocolate Festival, visitors will be able to learn about some of the most exotic foods made out of chocolate. They will be able to learn some new recipes for cakes and other pastries that contain this ingredient. Visitors will also have the opportunity to taste some of the most popular foods and deserts as well.

Opera House

For those who are interested in the arts and culture scene, the Opera House is another great place to go when visiting Traverse City. At the Opera House, you can view live performances of some of the latest plays.


Traverse City has plenty of wineries that allow visitors to taste and learn about some of the most popular wines available. At this event, you can not only learn about some of the most famous wines but also talk to others about them as well. The wineries can also provide some visitors with a business idea and how these establishments are created and managed.

Calantha Walker Dairy Festival

Food enthusiasts will also enjoy the Walker Dairy Festival. At this event, attendees are able to learn about some popular foods as well as purchase some that they may want to eat. The Dairy Festival can also provide visitors with information about some trendy recipes as well.

National Cherry Festival

The National Cherry Festival is another appealing event for visitors. At this event, individuals and families can check out bushes and gardens that contain cherries. It is one of the most attractive parts of Traverse City as it enables visitors to check out some of the city’s finest landscaping sites.

Film Festival

Anyone who visits Traverse City will want to check out the film festival. This event allows visitors to check out both current and classic films from the past. It is an ideal event for movie lovers and cinema enthusiasts. For those who are interested in film and the movie industry, the film festival is one of the main things that they should attend.

Classic Boats on the Boardwalk

When visiting Traverse City, the Classic Boats on the Boardwalk event is another top event that people should check out. At the classic boats on the boardwalk event, visitors can check out some of the most famous boat designs as well as get an opportunity to ride on them. This event will provide a great experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

Horse Shows

horse show in traverse city michigan

Traverse City has other events during the later part of the summer. One of these events is the horse shows. These events provide visitors with an opportunity to watch racing among horses as well as watch them navigate obstacles.

Downtown Art Fair

Another one of the top events for art enthusiasts is the downtown art fair. Visitors can check out some of the most modern artwork made by local artists. Tourists can check out various paintings, sculptures, and photographs made by a number of talented professionals.

Experiencing the North Shore Inn

Whenever you decide to visit Traverse City, one of the best ways to get the most out of your visit is to stay at a quality hotel. The North Shore Inn offers people one of the most comfortable and versatile lodging establishments in the area. By staying at the condotel, you will be sure to have a quality experience and be able to explore the city during your visit.